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KWS WA 30 - Automatic Loading System

The Automatic Loading System consists of a powder container, a feed screw, a weighing station with separate containers for water and gypsum as well as a control unit. The operator has to set and memorize the ratio water/investment powder at the control unit first. With setting the required weight of investment both components are loaded to the  weighing containers at +/- 20 g at 30 kg at the preset ratio.


  • automatic loading of Investment Mixing Machines Type EB with water and investment powder
  • exact ratio of investment powder/water: +/- 20g at 30 kg
  • high repeatability guarantees constand exellent cast quality
  • operation free of dust, no inhalation of investment powder
  • Time saving: preparation of next filling during running of Mixing Machine
  • retreo-fitting to existing Investment Mixing Machines Type EB possible.

Please find further details in the  PDF-Brochure