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KWS Machines ... since more than 25 years

High Quality Castings
at lowest Expediture in Production

High quality casting results require perfect casting forms. With KWS investment mixing machines and KWS equipment you will create the best basic for an effective casting production in first class quality.

As the worldwide first manufacturer of investment mixing machines we have the experience of more than 25 years. Close contact to the users of our machines, constant development and actual manufacturing technologies guarantee perfect castings and a maximum reliability.

We will be pleased to work out for you the adequate quotation meeting your special requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us about a individual consulting!

KWS - set of machines

Minimum maintenance and wear and tear:
As all elements are made of special steel or aluminium, a perfect protection against corrosion is given. All our machines are equipped with three-phase motors which do not require any maintenance and with an effective filtering system protecting the vacuum pump.