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KWS KG 100 - Flask Investment Breaking and Casting Cleaning Machine

With the development of the KWS Flask Investment Breaking and Casting Cleaning Machine an essential step towards the simplification and rationalisation of lost wax casting process has been made. Two operations have been unified in one system:

The automatic unbedding of the casting tree from the flask and the following removal of the gypsum from the casting. Manual post-cleaning is as good as eleminated.

Some advantages of this system:

  • Through the simple, clean and automatic operation of the machine any unskilled worker is able to operate this machine.
  • 2-machine operation is possible
  • No deformation of the flasks takes place during investment breaking and cleaning.
  • Thus a substantial longer life cycle is reached.
  • Flasks have no longer to be cleaned from gypsum remainders.
  • Through the adjustable jet intensity no deformation or damage of the castings takes place.
  • Depending on the length of the casting tree there is only a short cleaning time of approx. 1 - 2,5 minutes.
  • Investment breaking and cleaning of casted trees with preset stones is carried out without any damage.

Details in PDF-Brochure